Sounds For Strutting

Despite growing tired of the all of the fashion week coverage (seriously, there is so much), this two-fifths of Atoms for Peace soundtrack for the rag & bone runway show was a breath of fresh air. Yes, I adore rag & bone and Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich (go watch their Ask A Grown Man appearance on Rookie and melt at their charming British wit), so it really isn’t a surprise that these all add up to make something awesome.

Press play, take a look at some favorite looks, and pretend like you’re there, less all of the Fashion Week chaos.

(photos via The Cut)

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AM For Your AM

(photo by Zachary Michael via Arctic Monkey’s official website)

There is a band whose music reaches me in a way very few can. Their music grabs your attention, while the lyrics get into your head and shake you up. It’s also a band that kicked off my friendship with Lauren. That band is the Arctic Monkeys.

Way back in 2007, when the Arctic Monkeys announced US tour dates, I was determined to see them live. I had no idea who I knew that liked them enough to make a five hour road trip to see them. This was during the glory days of Facebook. I clicked the band’s name I had listed under my favorite music, and Lauren’s name popped up. We were only just acquaintances. Plans were made. Tickets were purchased.

We both skipped classes that day to make the trip. During the long drive we bonded over shared musical tastes, similar senses of humor, and gossip. It felt like we had been friends for years. Oh and yes the show was fantastic.

The Arctic Monkeys have a new album out this week called AM. A more laid-back, melodic effort, which I enjoy immensely. Of course with all of this sentimental drivel I’ve been spewing, I know it seems I would like anything they do. Not true. I liked this album because, as with all of the others, the Arctic Monkeys have grown and matured. Maybe it’s because I am the same age as the members of the band, but the songs resonate with me. We’re growing together. Slowly. Perhaps.

Even before making the trip to see them with Lauren, I’ve always had a soft spot for the band. Every song on their first album struck a cord with me. The lyrics really captured what it felt like to be young and in various stages of love. Alex Turner certainly has a way with words. He made getting drunk with friends and taking girls home sound poetic. It was the perfect soundtrack to get ready for a night out in college.

Here I am only gushing over their first album. To be fair, I did play the shit out of it. I think at one time every song appeared on my iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” list. However, I’ve enjoyed all of their albums. Each of them capturing a moment or feeling in a way that is beautifully simple yet profound.

Here is a playlist of my favorite Arctic Monkeys songs (so very difficult to not include all of them):