One Person’s Actions Compelled Me To Rant About The Pains Of Public Transit

Commuting to work by train rather than by car is the lesser of two evils. Since my recent move, it’s the really only way for me to get to work that makes sense. And you know what? I’m glad! I can zone out on the Metro reading, listening to music, and/or playing Candy Crush until I run out of lives. At least I arrive at my office without my blood boiling. I spent the last two years driving the short distance to work because it was faster, but oh how long and weary those years were. Most days it was an exercise in “counting to 10” and convincing myself that it would not be worth it to commit vehicular homicide (so very tempting at times, amirite?).

Yeah blah, blah, blah who cares? I could dither on endlessly about my commuting pet peeves (couldn’t we all?). It’s my “This Is The Song That Doesn’t End.” So, of course, I spent the better part of an hour writing about a woman who was the cherry on top of my morning shit-sundae.

Today’s Asshole In Commuting: The Pushing-And-Shoving-To-Get-One-Inch-Closer-To-Anything Lady.

I ran into this lady twice getting off my stop for work this morning. First, we met at the escalator to go up to the gate when she pushed some guy off of the train and then was shoving me to get one body-unit ahead to walk up to the gates. Yes, the DC metro platforms aren’t exactly designed to handle rush hour amounts of people traffic (it’s just one of the many flaws), but is throwing ‘bows to get just in front of a few people necessary? There are hordes of us that have to herd like cattle to access the one escalator anyway. Shoving ahead isn’t saving you any time. It’s not like I’m some ~*SpeCiAl sNOwFlaKe*~ that can’t take it when people bump into her in crowded places. No. Stuff like that happens and  people aren’t doing it intentionally like this broad.

The second time I ran into her was at the exit gate. I was standing in line behind two people waiting to swipe my card when she swoops in and shoves her way in between myself and the girl in front of me. Really? Really? All of this so she could scurry to the escalator taking us to the street level to just STAND THERE. If you are going to rudely shove your way through a crowd, you better be late to some Important Meeting and need to hustle your Ann Taylor covered ass to get there. Walk up the damn escalator so that all of those with your elbow prints in their ribs can at least somewhat understand all of the physical aggression thrown their way before 9:00 am. I gave her this look on my walk up the escalator stairs:



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