Glad I’m Not Alone Here…

Do you ever do something and then wonder if you’re the only one who does it? (yes, of course you do) And when you are pondering your level of sanity you may read something where you are reassured that you are not alone. Case and point: The Missed Connection To End All Missed Connections.

I don’t write Missed Connections. I only read them at work when I’m bored like everyone else. I, however, do “fall in love a little bit” with some guys on public transit. We all need something to do in the morning while we are barely awake, smashed together in a metal box that passes under the city. Thankfully, this is what Craigslist Missed Connections was built on.

For example, In the past two weeks I have seen the guy I have dubbed “Jewish hottie” a few times on my way to and from work. He wears a yarmulke, reads a book, has chiseled features, and broods. Total dreamboat. Or so I assume based on pure observation. Will I ever talk to him? HAHAHAHA no. I suffer from chronic bitchface. So, I’m sure if he has ever glanced at me (especially in the morning), he probably thinks I’m trying to plot his murder rather than plot my way into his pants. Talking is clearly out of the question.

Anyway, it’s been too long since I’ve browsed the missed connections…

You were harassed at District Taco – m4w – 30 (Rosslyn)

You were standing in line to place an order and I was on the side waiting for mine. I watched a man approach you and say something which, by the look on your face, disgusted you. After you placed your order, I told you his whereabouts and suggested you take a different way if you had to walk by him.I wanted to apologize for not confronting him. I should have jumped to your aide; instead, I waited to make sure he didn’t touch you. I’m sorry for not acting sooner. Message me if you’d like. If not, maybe I’ll run into you getting lunch. If you see me… say hi!
The headline here really jumped out at me so bravo. Also, what kind of sick freak harasses people at District Taco? There is no need for fuckery when trying to eat delicious tacos.  

Christina from – m4w – 26 (DC)

Im looking for a lady named Christina who wrote to me on the site If youre out there Christina…Im finally out on parole You will recognize the pics below Hit me up


Hardest Working Sports Bra in DC – m4w – 31

You run by me every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, along Penn to 17th down to Constitution. I admire your dedication to your training and your hard work definitely shows. We wave to each other when you catch me looking, usually at the tattoo down your ribs or …. other things. One day I hope you slow down long enough for me to say hi.

HAHAHAHA you sir win for the title alone.


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