In Which The New rag & bone Campaign Sends Me Into An Internet Wormhole

First, let’s talk about the new rag & bone F/W 2013 campaign. In a word, LOVE. It’s so raw, simple, and cool. Starring my long time unconventional hottie crush, Michael Pitt, and charming on-the-rise French actress, Léa Seydoux.

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(images via Dazed Digital)

Léa Seydoux exudes that effortless French woman chic Lauren and I love and so desperately try to channel. It’s a wash-and-go, refined beauty that looks much more glamorous than I could ever pull off. Her Top Shelf interview is amazing. My vanity looks the same, except it’s sadly lacking in all of the French pharmacy goods.  She stars in a movie coming out this fall called Blue Is The Warmest Color that caused quite a stir at Cannes. Maybe it’s her character’s blue hair. Or maybe it’s the 10 minute lezzie sex scene. Whatever. There is no denying her talent as an actress. Also, it’s an excuse to re-watch her Prada Candy perfume ads:

As a long time Michael Pitt lover, the new rag & bone campaign brings me almost as much joy as his Prada one. No offense rag & bone, I love you so, but it’s hard to beat Pitt in Prada (except maybe Pitt in Nada amirite?) (couldn’t help myself).

I first remember him as Henry Parker from Dawson’s Creek, the star freshmen quarterback. He dated Jen, then a junior, who had all of the best boyfriends in Capeside. Henry, in true Dawson’s fashion, left for boarding school and had Jack break the news to Jen that it was over. I related because I too had a friend do my dirty work to a clingy 8th grade crush. Oh, young love.

I can’t pin down what it is about him that makes me swoon. Maybe it’s the eyes, the hair, the lips, the bone structure, the “dirty hot” vibe. I don’t know, but he has it.

Some other Michael Pitt favorites…

The pièce de résistance is Murder By Numbers starring Michael Pitt (obviously), Ryan Gosling (!!!), and Sandra Bullock (!) (Sorry but Sandy B. only garners one ! in the enthusiasm scale). Nothing like the perfect murder mystery and brooding teen heartthrobs to ease the pain of a hangover on a Sunday morning.

Yes, I know I’m leaving out Boardwalk Empire. When it first came out I was all about it. Michael Pitt, Steve Buscemi, AND Michael K. Williams? Sold. I got about 3-4 episodes in before I grew tired of it and stopped watching. Then, of course, the story line really picked up. I just haven’t made time to catch up on it. Whatever. My point is Michael Pitt can get it.

He’s also married to one of my favorite models, Jamie Bochert. Again, it’s that whole je ne sais quoi thing– really severe facial features, dark eyes, and an effortless cool vibe. I can’t even conjure up those weird “jealous you’re dating an actor I’m lusting after so therefore I kind of irrationally don’t like you” feelings because she is so great (unlike you Eva Mendes), like in this interview she did with Kim Gordon (!!!!).

Seriously, they are the absolute best. Now that I have dragged you through my internet wormhole I’ll leave you with some more photographic evidence that these two rock.


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