Today Was A Good Day

Between Sen. Wendy Davis’ courageous 13 hour filibuster to block a State Bill 5 from passing the Texas legislature and the Supreme Court ruling DOMA to be unconstitutional and dismissing the Prop 8 appeal, it is definitely a day to celebrate our country taking some steps out of the dark ages. Yes, today was a good day. We are certainly celebrating…



While we are still excited, we are still overwhelmed between tons of traveling, weddings, and a move in two days for Sam and new pet-parenthood and an ever-persistent cockroach problem for Lauren. We will both be very happy after the 4th of July, when we both will regain a tiny fraction of our sanity. Until then, one more gif to accurately portray our emotions when the glow of the day wears off:



Getting Back That Summer Feeling

It’s been too long. I know, we have  no fangirls but really, having a place to bullshit is fun and second guessing myself week after week because every post I put together has been done before is no fun. On that note, this isn’t deep or earth shattering but it’s what I’m into now.

After diving into all I obsess about for Winter and Spring here, let’s talk about Summer. The wonderful time when it’s okay to slack off at work and nip out early for an afternoon in the park. Summer used to be a time of excitement and endless possibilities – done with another school year, all day pool or beach days with your friends, driving home from the beach (or a bar) a little tipsy with the windows open hopped up on bad decisions. Sigh, those were the days. But now that we are grown ass women let’s talk about clothes we’re going to wear on too short weekend holidays with your pals.


I go to my fall back. A little hippie dippie, which I can never get away from too much because my hair is usually a wavy mess. Summer for me is all about the 60s/70s. Let’s explore.

Penny Lane, Need I say more?

Jane Birken

Jane again

I mean, really.

Margherita Missioni is so FABULOUS. And has the name we all wanted in spanish class

Could anyone else pull that off as well?

The answer is no, but we can try

Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona. The perfect messy cool

You can’t say summer without Sienna Miller. This was her peak for me (around 2004)

I loved this dress. She makes it chic and effortless not over the top

She was at her best with Jude

So good

Perfect for summer in my opinion


In Alfie

Kate Moss at her best