Let’s Get Real

When we started this little dog-and-pony show back in November, we had many, many ideas on what we could write. We loved having this as an outlet. As a few more months passed, we realized that maybe we had bitten off more than we could chew.

Trying to write posts for four to five days a week while also working full time and having even a meager social life proved to be challenging. There were a handful of weeks where we actually managed to do it. Right now, we both have multiple half-written posts, waiting to be finished. Even when we do occasionally hit that “publish” button, we have a hard time feeling proud about our work since it seems like it’s all been done before. And better too.

So, we’re scaling back. We will still be posting but less frequently. Of course we would like to say that we will have X number of posts per week, but sometimes we get busy or overwhelmed (usually both) and there just isn’t the time to devote to writing. We want to focus on quality over quantity. Also, we both have been going through quite the existential crises. We’re frustrated with many of the circumstances in our lives right now and just trying to work that out. Writing hasn’t totally taken a back seat, but it definitely hasn’t been our focus.

Between vacations and weddings this month, we may not be posting much. We will certainly try though. And will definitely be focusing on more regular posting in the near future.