Sunday Links

You know what? It’s not easy to crank this out on a Friday.

  • Our favorite house renovating series is back! After a brief hiatus, I Bought A Total Dungheap Of A House has returned to fill us in on the perils of home renovation. If you’ve never read it, start at the beginning.
  • Arrested Development will be back soon! Some dear made these album covers. They’re so good you can taste the happy! It’s kind of like going to a party with unlimited juice.
  • 20th Century Fox Flute Edition: Have you laughed hard today?
  • A Platform To Order Fish Directly From The Ocean, So Your Fish Is What You Think It Is: Yet another story about how the food you buy isn’t what it seems. Luckily, for your seafood, there is a platform that connects directly to the ocean.
  • PUT THAT SHIT AWAY. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs want you to stop watching concerts through the dull glow of your smartphone screen. We’re always baffled at the amount of people that have their phones out at concerts. A few pictures are fine. Plus, the pictures and videos you get during the show are really grainy and bad.
  • Have you tried yet? If you’re like us and have trouble getting up in the morning, just consult You can put in what time you want to wake up, and it will tell you what time you should go to bed. Waking up between sleep cycles prevents that chronic snooze button addiction we’re prone to on weekday mornings.
  • Now that Mad Men is back, so are Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style recaps (both of them). They take a look at the gorgeous wardrobes of the characters and analyze the scenes. It really digs deep into the episodes and points out things that most of us don’t notice. Also, their episode recaps are a favorite Monday morning read.
  • Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties: So true, especially that last one.

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