Going Deep

Yes, I’m going deep on a not-so-deep topic. I’m talking about deep conditioner. I’ve got long hair and keep heat styling to a minimum, but this winter has turned my hair into a straw pile. I think it is my newly renovated office. I can not drink enough water or put on enough lip balm and hand cream. Also, I’m regretting not purchasing a humidifier for my bedroom back when I was ill.

Anyway, enough drivel. Spring is right around the corner so it’s time to bring some shiny, happy life back into my hair! And yours too! Enter: The Deep Conditioner.

I’ve read countless reviews on This deep conditioner vs. That deep conditioner, and tried several myself, with none really making me feel they were outstanding. After running out of my old stand by, I came across the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie at Sephora (only showing the Tui one online, same ingredients though) one evening and decided to give it a try. The pushy sales associate was baffled that I wanted to try it since it was for “ethnic hair.” I’m not sure what my facial expression looked like, but she back peddled to say “it’s a really good deep conditioner.” Um, OK. Sold.

Carol's Daughter is my favorite of all of Carol's children

Carol’s Daughter is my favorite of all of Carol’s children

I can’t recall where I read that applying deep conditioner to dry hair was life changing, but I read it. When I tried my new “ethnic hair” purchase, it was a Terrific Lady Night (like from The League except on your own and at night and not forcing your husband to go to the farmer’s market). My TLN is where I slip into my bathrobe and do nothing but pamper myself and watch Netflix. Before getting cozy, I slapped some of this delightful concoction on my dry hair. I concentrated on soaking the ends and combed it through with my fingers. Then I clipped it up, made a towel turban, and sat in bed for an hour.

The next steps take place in the shower, so yes, you must peel yourself away from your bed and Netflix. I know.

First, rinse out the conditioner. Then apply shampoo. Rinse the shampoo. Apply some regular conditioner on the ends. Rinse the conditioner. Then feel how ridiculously smooth and soft your hair is. Recite that scene from Billy Madison because it is really pertinent right now. STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN!

Let me tell you, I was worried that putting deep conditioner on my dry, unwashed hair was going to make it look limp and dirty once it dried. (thus making the whole showering business pointless) That worry was for nothing because my hair was shiny, bouncy, and fabulous. It looked like I just had it cut fabulous. Carol’s Daughter Deep Conditioner is an A+ in my book and has a solid place in the TLN lineup.


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