Links for Friday

A round-up of everything we’ve been e-mailing and g-chatting about all week.

  • Ranking All 27 Seasons of The Real World. Sam once met Cyrus from Real World Boston while at Senior Week. It was a total starstruck moment for her, as silly as that sounds. 
  • Speaking of the “Real World,” Do Millennials Stand a Chance in the Real World? And the answer is “no” and “we’re all screwed.” It’s worth the read, even though it’s depressing and we don’t know why we read it (actually we do know why- we’re emotional cutters).
  • Kirsten Dunst, In Definance of Gravity. A moment of silence for this gorgeous editorial featuring Ms. Dunst. Oh, there’s an interview too.
  • We’re loving these wedge sneakers from DKNY. Might need to drop some payday cash on a pair…
  • Secret Ingredients. We love junk food. More like LOVE junk food. Lauren is The Guardian of the Candy Bars at her new job. She has noticed that her favorite candies have been tasting more like sugary chemicals than sugary sugar.It’s a good wake-up call to take notice about what you’re putting into your body. We could never give up our favorites, but this makes us see that we will really have to start embracing that whole “moderation” thing.
  • FASHION FILM: The first Prada Candy ad. This has been everywhere. We’ve watched it about 100 times. Each. The commercial features the charming Léa Seydoux and was directed by the unstoppable duo of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. We’ve never wanted to be French so badly. Also, the scent makes you smell like a sexy confection.
  • Prince Harry Is Coming To America! The British are coming! He’s stopping by both of our fair cities. Excuse us while we throw ourselves at him.
  • One of our favorite bands, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, have a new video for their song ‘Sacrilege.’ It stars former model and sometimes actress Lily Cole. Also, it’s amazing and brilliant.  Bonus: our favorite YYYs song.
  • The Strokes also have a new video. Double Bonus: here is a favorite Strokes song, performed live.
  • Twinsters. A KickStarter for two girls who may be twins separated at birth. They are raising money to document their first meeting. We’d love to see the finished product. Take a look and drop some green, if you feel so inclined.

And with that, have a good weekend!

What To Eat When Winter Won’t Go Away (aka The Best Grilled Cheese)

Well, for those of us on the east coast, it snowed like it was early January in late March. Upon waking Monday morning to see a blanket of snow coating the ground and no text alert telling me to “work” from home , I wondered if I had woken up in a strange alternate universe. It was like DC had transformed to a reasonable place where five inches of snow didn’t shut it down. For once, I was pissed I couldn’t enjoy “working” in sweats from the comfort of my couch due to the irrational fear brought on by precipitation.

My frustration continues since I won’t be indulging in one of my favorite cold weather comfort foods: grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’m trying to drop a few lbs and tone up before getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress in late April, hitting up the beach for Hangout Festival in May, and life in genreal because I am squeezing into my clothes a la Kim Kardashian. It’s not a cute look. For those of you not trying to tighten up in an unrealistic amount of time, I present my recipe for grilled cheese:

The Best Grilled Cheese You Will Ever Eat

You will need:

– 2 slices of whatever bread you like
– Butter (Kerrygold is amazing and not bad for you since it’s real butter)
– 2 slices of your preferred cheese from the deli counter (I like cheddar, Gouda, or Gruyère)
– Mayonnaise (NOT Miracle Whip, that’s a sin. So is low-fat mayo.)

1. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat.

2. Butter one side of each slice of bread.

3. Before adding the first slice of bread to the pan, add a small bit of butter to the pan so the bread won’t stick. Once the butter has melted, lay down your first slice of bread, butter side down.

4. Place the cheese slices on top of the bread (you really need at least two slices, it makes it all ooey-gooey and oh so yummy).

5. Before placing the second slice on top, spread some mayonnaise to the non-buttered side of the bread. Place the mayo side down on the cheese.

6. Move the sandwich around in the pan a little bit so it doesn’t stick. Flip over once the cheese has started to melt and the bottom is golden brown (or darker, some people like burnt grilled cheese). Remove from the pan once both sides are crisped to your liking.

Now, the mayonnaise. I know it may sound strange. It’s certainly something that Paula Deen would endorse. My uncle made this for me one time and told me it was how my grandmother made grilled cheese. I was skeptical, but my uncle asked that I try it first, and if I didn’t like it, he would make me a new one. I LOVED IT. The mayo give it a rich, creamy, sassy punch of flavor you never knew you were missing.

I will be looking at this while I eat responsibly today. Doesn’t it look SO GOOD?

For the tomato soup, Martha really knows what’s up (natch):

So, please enjoy this comfort food now while it’s still freezing outside. I will dream about it while eating whatever combo of protein and vegetables I’m having for dinner tonight. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to enjoying this classic combo when the weather gets cooler in the fall.

For the Indecisives Out There

Hello friends (well really all 2 of you). It’s been awhile, partly because I didn’t like anything in my head enough to put it out there (if I see one more thing about how the 90s are back! And emerald is the IT pantone color of the year, I may quit the Internets). Also, I started a new jobby job so I had to shop for depressing polyester to start dressing ‘business casual’ which apparently in my office runs the gamut of jeans you would wear to Sam’s Club to a crisp suit. I’m confused by it, but I’m sure you are too.

Back to the important stuff. As spring slowly creeps into the foreseeable future and you get a little bit of weeee in your step when you feel it in the air, I like all normal people, think about what I want to wear and most importantly who I’m trying to be, because it’s never myself, you know.

I am always trying to channel someone else. The look changes quite a bit depending on the season, but the people more or less stay the same regardless of what the trendy girls downtown are wearing. Am I alone in this? Let’s break it down.

WINTER (right now because yes it’s “Spring” but it’s still 30 degrees out and snowing again next week. Who is down with killing that rodent who gave us false promises back in February? Just me and Bill Murray? Well fine.):

I am all about being pale, minimal mascara (it’s hard because I have as much of a penchant for Tammy Faye lashes as I do for parentheses), and blush to make me look like I have cheek bones. Think androgynous makeup and slightly punky clothes-

Dark hair, paled out skin. You get it. No sparkle people!

Elizabeth Olsen looking a little edgy with some nice matte makeup

No mascara and some bad ass cheek bones

K Stew looking a little punk cool

Saorise Ronan. Love the lip and matte dark eye with messy hair. Was anyone else completely obsessed with Hanna?


This is just EVERYTHING

For Spring I gravitate towards somewhat of the same thing. My face is too dry and pale to take those bright colors until at least mid May, so I go for good matte skin and a nice matte eyeliner beauty wise. In clothes, I like happy little blazers and snappy trousers that are still slightly adrogeny. The  goal here is looking like you didn’t try AT ALL. Even if you did pour over images on Svpply and Pinterest for hours creating the outfit, no one has to know. Think Olsen, Gwyneth, Clemence, and KStew. Make fun of me about the Olsens but I’ve been saving images of their clothes since I can remember and if you look back 10 years ago those two still don’t look dated, I swear.

Layers, layers layers and boots. Perfect for Spring weather!

Relaxed and a great way to transition from Winter to Spring.

I think Gwen owns this look too, baggy blazer and pants.

Yes, Gwenie

The Olsens. A little bit rumpled

The Olsens. Love the trousers and the blouse/skirt combo

Oh Ashley, love it.

vest, button up. love

I’ve been trying to copy this for way too long.

Kristen rocking it

I’m obsessed with this look

So good, no?

Oh Kristen


Even Kiki Dunst does a colorful trouser/blazer combo flawlessly

So you get the clothes, but what beauty products do I use to attempt to change myself into an impossibly chic French girl named Clemence or a multi millionaire with a stylist a la Olsen, KStew, and Gwen? Well…

MAC Blush in Harmony – It’s a blush, no a bronzer. Whatever it’s matte and the perfect I’m really pale and I don’t like wearing pink blush and looking like a preteen. Plus it looks good on everyone, you can contour or use it on your cheeks!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 001 Nude Attitude – Clemance Poesy had this on in her Vogue spread. Also, it’s a great nude and kind of makes you look like a bad ass.

MAC Paint Pot in Ground Work – My eye lids are so fing dry they won’t even accept eye shadow in the winter so this is the only thing I use. It makes you look effortless too, which really we all want that. “Lalala look at me I don’t even look in the mirror and I feel like a chic French girl.”

ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray – I abuse this like no other. It smells like how I imagine all of Rio smells and make your hair piecey (and if you abuse it like moi, it also makes it look white which makes you think your hair is graying at rapid pace in the fluorescents of your office bathroom).

Lastly, Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner. You can use it in your water line, make a cat eye out of it or even use it as shadow. Genius!

Who are you channeling this frigid Spring? Do you like trousers? Did your Grandma use the word britches to talk about trousers?