Rare Earth – My Miracle Skincare Routine

It all started one evening this past summer when I was browsing the Kiehl’s counter for their Creme with Silk Groom* to tame my unruly, humidity-ridden locks. Judy, ever the saleswoman, took one look at my shiny, blemished skin and asked if she could recommend some samples.

“Tell me about your skin care routine. What prducts do you use?” she asked.

“Uhhh I use my Clarisonic at night and wash my face twice a day with Cetaphil. Then I use whatever eye cream and moisturizer looked good at the time when I bought it.” I replied.

She politely tried to not look horrified.

From there Judy assessed my skin care needs: something to control shine and help with those pesky hormonal breakouts. She carefully poured toner and face wash samples into little bottles while we discussed summer vacations and upcoming weekend plans. Once she was done loading me up with samples, she made an appointment for me to come back for a facial and to create a more structured routine.

“You have beautiful skin!” she said, “It’s just hiding.” While that does seem a little back-handed, she was right.

I went back two weeks later and got all pampered while chatting it up with Judy. After a refreshing facial and a healthy dose of goss, we got down to business. She had that gentle but firm motherly tone about her. It made me feel like I needed to be more serious about my skincare.

Judy recommended I try the Rare Earth line. The facewash, toner, and lotion were for everyday, twice a day. The mask was for once or twice a week. She said that my skin was mostly likely craving a routine.

Of course, she was right. I’ve been using the products since mid-August, and my skin has completely transformed. I almost don’t need to wear make-up, just some BB cream to even out my complextion. I think that’s about 80% using the Rare Earth line and 20% due to some other tweaks** to my skincare routine. Do I still get a little shiny by the afternoon? Yes. There is no product or combination of products that will keep you totally oil-free all day. I’m just glad I don’t need to be constantly blotting my face.

Lauren probably thinks I’m getting paid by Kiehl’s for the amount of yammering on about it that I do, but IT WORKS. And it’s taken me years to find something that does for my oily, sensitive, easily-inflamed skin.

Here it is, step by step:

Step 1. Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser: It’s not your typical face wash but in a good way. It looks like you’re rubbing gray mud all over your face- a rich, creamy, non-lathering mud. When you wash it off you can feel your pores taking deep breaths of fresh air since this cleanser gets your face that clean.

Step 2. Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic: I’ve always thought toner was one of those gimmick products everyone tells you is a Must Have but doesn’t really do anything. This stuff has me singing a different tune. You have to shake up all of the clay that settles to the bottle of the bottle before you apply it to your face. It is a little drying, so I would find another toner if you have dry skin. For me and my oily skin, this is the perfect stuff to keep the shine away.

Step 3. Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion: Again, the whole “pore minimizing” thing is false. You can’t shrink your pores. It’s such a shame since you can probably see mine from outer space. That claim aside, this lotion is an oil control wonder. It leaves my face looking smooth, feeling refreshed, and creating that “small pores” kind of look.

The Once or Twice a Week Step. Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask: This is what sold me one the line. Each time you use it, you can feel your face tingle and tighten as it dries. After rinsing it off 10 minutes later, you will have to tie your hands down to keep you from touching your face. With each use you can tell an immediate difference in your skin- it glows, it’s soft, it looks and feels squeaky clean. Also, I’m still on my orginal jar of the stuff that I bought back in August. If you only try one product from this line, it should be this mask.


* The Creme with Silk Groom… it makes your hair soft and you don’t need much. My only gripe is the bottle sucks which makes getting the product out of it nearly impossible.

** Most Valuable Skincare Tweak? If you have a Clarisonic (and if you don’t, get one NOW), only use it a few times a week. That has made the biggest difference for me. Oh and the brush heads! I use the sensitive ones, as should most people.


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