How I Want To Be A Pale Winter Goddess

Okay. I know this isn’t breaking news, but it’s cold as dick on the east coast. And yes, I know people in Canada are laughing their asses off because we’re crying at 20 degrees but in our defense when it’s cold in New York and DC it feels colder than anywhere else. The cold ass wind literally comes off the water and funnels down the sunless streets.

Anyway, in the great wide internets I feel like there is not that much really cold weather looks to get us up in the morning with a little pep. And really I am sick of hearing, wear a bright lip to combat winter! My lips are falling off they are so dry, they would probably scream if I tried to put lipstick on them.

That being said I am really trying to achieve the ethereal Slavic child look. It’s monochromatic, paled out, no blush, androgynous and almost punky. I dig it and I have NO idea why. Let’s get some reference photos going shall we?

The original snow queen, Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago

Rooney with bold brows

Lara Stone looking androgynously cool

Chanel Iman with her brows bleached and minimal face makeup

Rooney with bleached brows and glossy black eye shadow

Kiki Dunst always does milk maid well

I mean, Lara Stone is just everything

Chloe does the bleached out punk look well

I love when B leaves out the shimmer

I love her look, and yes I realize she has a ton of makeup on but she has almost nothing on her face

K stew with a swipe of black shadow and some paled out skin

What do you guys think? Am I totally off the reservation?


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