The Best (and Worst) Moments from Last Night’s Golden Globes

See Part One here and Part Two here.

This year’s Golden Globes- game changer. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the best choice to host a stuffy awards show. They made the three hour long ordeal enjoyable to watch. A tall task that they made look easy.

Here is a run down of our favorites and not-so-favorites from last night’s show.

Tina and Amy had so many great moments last night. It’s hard to just pick a few. So here are most of them. I think we can agree that they should host all things.


Drunk Glenn Close was amazing.


Tommy Lee Jones was not amused by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s introductions for the Best Actress in a Comedy nominees. To be fair, that whole bit did drag on, but at least it was mildly amusing during that whole dull middle bit of the show. TLJ, however, couldn’t even crack a smile, which led everyone to this comparison:

Bill Murray’s facial hair was on point.

Amy Poehler delivered the best burn of the night:

Not to be outdone, Tina Fey got the second best burn:

Which, by the way, there is no denying that is Michael J. Fox’s son. They look like twins. Well if one twin was born a few decades earlier than the other. You get my point…

Everytime Anne Hathaway flashed across the screen I groaned. Especially when she jumped in during Les Miz’s win to add a few more “thank yous” to her previous win. I realize Jennifer Garner did that too (for Ben Affleck), but she was presenting an award and her personality isn’t grating. Also, as Lauren points out, she got drunk on-air with Martha, so Jennifer Garner can essentially get away with Anne Hathaway level of annoying antics and no one will care. But yes, shut up Anne Hathaway. You’re annoying. And if there is a God, Sally Field will win the Oscar.

Adele’s acceptance speech had me clapping. Excuse me, pissing myself. She is so funny and charming (FANKS!). Lauren and I just want to be friends with her because you know she is a lush and would be an absolute laugh.

Let’s also add Jennifer Lawrence (LOVED The First Wives Club reference!) and Jessica Chastain’s acceptance speeches as well. They nailed it.

So happy that Maggie Smith won. So sad she wasn’t there to accept the award in person. I imagine it would have gone something like this…

Jodie Foster’s speech for her Cecile B. DeMille award was long and awkward at times but extremely touching. Good for her for pointing out the fact that yes, she’s gay, but it’s really not the kind of announcement that needs a press release. It’s personal, it’s her life, and she should be free to live it without the constant scrutiny. She also looked amazing. We both hope to look that good at 50. Here is the full speech.

Also, what was that bit that had no audio that Mel Gibson whistled for? Probably not anything worth mentioning again I’m sure. And the whole Robert Downey Jr. introduction with the hamsters was odd. RDJ is still great though. Next time, keep the stuffed hamsters at home dude.

Anything we’re missing? Between the Golden Globes, Girls, and Downton Abbey last night, we are dragging today.


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