Golden Globes Review, Because Why Not?

And let the snarking begin. Here is the good!

Naomi Watts. Gasp, she looks amazing. She is one of the only stars that can wear the old Hollywood look and make it look new and fresh. Flawless.

Jennifer Garner is my girl, and she looks fabulous. Not trying to hard, just comfortable. confident and pretty. Love the dark red on these ladies. I know middle America Moms love her because of her everyday, ‘I don’t care I’m a star I’m wearing baggy jeans and running shoes’ outfits. We also love her because she got drunk on air with Marth.

So we know this may be straight up UN-american but we think Homeland isn’t that great. We liked it a lot first season but second season was a bore. Let’s change it up Showtime! But Claire Danes looks great here. She has found that the halter dress works for her, and this is the best in the bunch.

Sienna Miller is a goddess. We know the internets are storming the castle saying this is a hideous doily of a dress, but we love it and it suits her. Mod isn’t revolutionary on her, but it works so well. And she is so gorg she is the only one who could pull off this dress. Kudos for being different Sienna!

Kate Hudson is another one, she just screams, “I’m a starrrrrr.” She has successfully transitioned from boho princess to 80s power bitch quite well. We think she looks fierce in this dress, it’s a bit much and different but power to her.

Emily Blunt needs to go back to her dark hair color, she just does. But this dress is pretty and somewhat fun. We just wish it was more of a Nicole Kidman at the Oscars color or more 70s mustard. The in-between is a weird color choice.

Adele. Bow down. Flawless in this Burberry dress.

Helena Bonham Carter. She is just herself and doesn’t care. Love it. Her dress and clutch, perfectly her.

Our lady crush. Love the belt, love the color, she looks beautiful. The boobs are weird, but at least it’s some interest.

Lady Mary BROUGHT IT. She looks amazing. We LOVED this look. It’s perfect for her but unexpected. She wears it well. And the hair is sassy.

Nicole Richie, in our humble opinion looks fabulous. That color is beautiful. And shocker, this is a colored lace dress we like. Love love love. Our only quibble is the matchy matchy makeup. It looks off on her, but she committed to the look so you go girl. PS. THAT BAG.

Stay tuned for more snarking including, the bad of the fashion and the show highlights. Because it’s Monday and who wants to work (not us).


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