Golden Globes Fasion Part 2

See Part One Here. Let’s file these under the stars we love, but missed the mark.

Kristen Bell. Her sloth video made our 2012. We know she’s pregnant so saying she missed the mark is kicking her when she’s down fashion choices wise. But really. She should have never worn this dress, she is petite, this makes her look top heavy and neckless. Ship it to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Rachel Weisz is so beautiful and not in the typical Hollywood way. And this is just baddy bad. The bow is too much and the bottom, can we all just retire this trend? Put it in bed with the mustache everything, we’re over it.

We love Lena, so just why. The color is pretty and her hair and makeup are nice but that’s all we got. She looked uncomfortable, and so un-her. I know Zac Posen is your friend but honey just say no next time. Also, watching her walk to the stage gave us second hand humiliation.

Amanda Seyfried is our number one celebs to make out with list. We just want to come back reincarnated as her hair. But the minute you have a movie as an Oscar contender it’s like the ladystars have to tone down the edgy and go sweet. We like Amanda better edgy.

Amy Adam’s is someone we have a weird love for. Just see Miss. Pettigrew Lives for A Day and you will understand. Anyway, this dress looks beautiful but it’s so pale you can literally not distinguish it from her skin. You just loose the details. Now imagine it in a bright turquoise, stunning.

Jessica Chaistain is a beautiful woman, but rarely gets it right on the red carpet. Her minions are putting her in all the wrong things. Her makeup looks perfect, her hair looks like ass. The color is beautiful, the dress is awful and droopy. Ugh.

Nicole Kidman’s scary plastic face ruins this. The dress is interesting and a cool look for her.

And now the up and down bad.

She just radiates “please like me!!!!.” We can’t stand her. Also, this looks like a bathmat.

Tay tay Swift. Yawn, she is so boring. And let’s be real, a little slurry but no one talks about it. This is a terrible dress. She looked obnoxious in it. It looked very bad 90s with the high neck and straps then she had giant fake sewn in boobs to fill it out. Gahhhhh.

This is actually good for her. And usually she has a face you want to punch (or maybe just we do) but her spray tan looks like one Lauren applied after too many penny pitchers in college.

Bad 90s bathing suit print. And annoying slit.

Another skin color dress. And plastic face. Awful.

This is just NO. No on the hair, no on the skin color dress, no on the shoes and the way she is presenting herself. No on the lip gloss. Go home and try again.

Julianne Hough wants to be a star SO BAD. And she tries SO HARD. And she just fails every time.

This is so tired.

As is this, it’s like the theme with these ladies was “dress desperate.”


Andddddd we’re spent.


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