The Weird Things That Make Me Forget It’s January

I went out to dinner this week with my group of girlfriends I grew up with. After the usual judging, shit talking, and bitching about working and dating, we talked about the very interesting topic of products. My friend Al screeched (we were a bottle of wine deep at this point, screeching was the only register our vocal cords could produce) “Lauren you always had the coolest products in our stupid shit town, you were like known for it.” How exciting for me I said. But really it got me thinking. I should tell you, dear interwebs, the odd shit I’ve bought recently. Because really I LOVE that stuff. So here it be. THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME FORGET IT’S JANUARY. Also this stuff is weird, but it works for me.

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation – This is by far the most bizarre shit I have ever used. It’s almost like Dr Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation for the other product junkie’s out there, but it’s covers better and is the one ‘matchmaker’ foundation that really matches. Usually they are too yellow and look like shit on me, but this one matches my skin exactly. It is argan oil based with the consistency of a serum. A little of this goes a LONG way, really. I use two pea sized dots and that’s almost too much. Also, I have oily/combination skin this smooths out my dry acne scarred areas while making my oily t-zone somewhat matte. It really is worth exploring if you have acne skin trouble. I be loving this.

Sea Buckthorn Oil – I keep reading about people using coconut oil and jojoba oil on their skin, that may be all fine and dandy for them, but I will break out in straight up purple cystic acne if I mess what that shit. So, when I was presented with Sea Buckthron oil, I said not a chance this will work for me. YOU GUYS I was so wrong. It has made my skin almost acne free in 9 days.

Backstory: The minute I moved to New York two in a half years ago my skin on my face, chest, back and shoulders (hawt) broke out in terrible, cystic, rashy acne. I went to the dermatologist more times than Sephora that first year and my doctor was as dumbfounded by my new found acne as I was. I changed my dry cleaners twice and even changed my shower head to one of those filtering heads. This oil is the only thing that has cleared up my face. Honest.

Cocoa Butter Stick Formula – This is a chapstick/vaseline like hybrid that smells like cheap suntan lotion from Spring Break 07′. Have I sold you yet? What you don’t want to smell of Banana Boat in the middle of January? Then you are dead to me. Bonus, it looks like you’re putting a glue stick on your lips it’s so big.

Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Oil – This is for post pregnant ladies and their stretch marks. And while we bring up pregnant ladies, can we all get behind Sam and I’s hatred for gender reveal parties? I mean are we really doing that now? If I see one more photo of someone cutting a crappy cake with colored icing I may have to write an entire hate filled blog post about it, and that’s just not healthy y’all.

Back to business. I’m loving the oil’s for winter, what can I say? They soak into my skin and help with the flaky, eczema skin problems that plague me this time of year. Once this oil sinks in, your not greasy or itchy, you feel like it’s your skin but better. This has changed my scaly arms for the better.

Why yes, it is doing better. Thank you for asking ultimate lady crush Jennifer Lawrence

What are your favorite winter products? Are they all unseasonable coconut butter flavors like mine? We won’t judge. Who am I kidding, we will. But we’re also nosy and want to know!


One thought on “The Weird Things That Make Me Forget It’s January

  1. I’m literally dying over my Kiehl’s Acai Damage Correcting Moist (Sam I know you love that word) urizer. When I got pregnant my face shit its self and continued to shit its self until I started using this. I’m not kidding my face is glorious now!

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