Scents of the 90s

Scents of the 90s is a subject that excites us. Olfactory memory is real. We’re positive that if we could get our noses near any of these fragrances again we would instantly be transported back to middle school. While The Cut complied a great list, here are our additions:

Bath & Body Works Country Apple: This is probably the most wholesome scent on our list (and possibly the scent that put Bath & Body Works on the map).

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell: While now it is scoffed as a scent worn mostly by strippers, there is no denying you once owned a bottle. You little hussy.


Clinique Happy: This was the ultimate summer scent in the late 90s. It really smells like happiness. Now we’re too cynnical to wear it (but still love it anyway!).

Love’s Baby Soft: Really the only explanation needed can be summed up perfectly by Mean Girls:

Bath & Body Works Plumeria: Who remembers the Bath & Body Works gift sets that had a shower gel, lotion, and body spray? Nothing like the one-two-three punch of Plumeria for a school dance. That shake brought all the boys to the yard.

Victoria’s Secret Strawberries and Champagne: Lauren knows someone who still wears this. It definitely felt like a more sophisticated and romantic scent, right? The champagne part really classed it up a bit.


Tommy Girl: Signature scent of preppy girls in middle schools everywhere.


Okay so we’re going a little off topic here but this was a big one for Lauren in 2001. The BCBG perfume collection. They have meaningful names like Star, Sexy, Metro, and Nature. Looking back there was definitely a good girl vs. bad girl image going on. She asked for Sexy for her 14th birthday and had many  firsts while wearing it (no not making out or sexual encounters, more like drinking Smirnoff Raspberry Twist for the first time and having a football player try to pinch her ass at her first high school party).

For the boys, Abercrombie Woods. Sam’s 8th grade locker neighbor and crush of the moment wore this. She would purposely linger at her locker in the morning just huffing this woodsy scent like a total psycho. She hates to admit this, but about 8 months ago she actually went into an Abercrombie & Fitch just to smell this stuff. She promptly ran out because between the pounding music, pushy sales people, and store full of tweens and their helicopter parents (who all looked beyond scared to be in there), it was just too much, even for a little slice of nostaglia.


Candies for Men. Lauren’s next door neighbor, who she had an endless crush on, wore this. Last year, in the dreaded Herald Square Macy’s, she got a wiff of it on the escalator. Someone somewhere was wearing it, and it made her feel like she was in head to toe Express putting cliched love lyrics in her AIM away message again. Also Candies Women, which always smelled like bad man deodorant after 2 hours.

Then you would put on Teen Spirit Deodorant in Berry Blossom. Ah the 90s.

What did you guys wear in the 90s? Please tell us we’re not the only one’s who smelled like baby prostitutes.


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