Zombies, RUN!

I think there is something wrong with me.

Because I actually look forward to going to the gym now. I want to go for a run (except not outside right now because it’s too cold) (or ever because I think I make the most awkward faces while running and can’t have complete strangers see me grimacing as I run through the neighborhood) (yes, I’m fully aware that’s irrational). This level of enthusiasm towards physical activity hasn’t existed for me since maybe my days of playing soccer in high school. To be honest, even then I didn’t really enjoy running.

My eagerness to getting my ass to the gym has nothing to do with the new year, “resolutions,” or any of that dumb shit. It all has to do with this app I found called Zombies, Run. Even if the good people that made it offered to pay me, I would still shout praises for it for free (ha just kidding I’d still take the money).

RUN! Or get eaten alive by the undead

The quick-n-dirty deets: The story starts off as you listen to a helicopter crash just outside of a place called Abel Township. After the narrative is over, a song from one of your own playlists will play. During the song you are notified when you pick up different survival supplies. A new narrative will play after each song as you continue the mission. After your runs, you use the supplies you picked up to help the survivors of Abel Township.

The first couple of times I used the app did not go well. I didn’t have an armband for my phone, so in order for the app to track my steps, I had to hold my phone in my hands, which was awkward. I also kept waking my phone to view my progress. This caused the app to crash twice. The third time, I accidentally hit “start mission from beginning” instead of “resume mission.” I got frustrated and quit. I will admit, even before all of my “waking the phone to see my progress,” the app seemed a little “buggy.” Clearly, I don’t know the technical term for that, but the app definitely seemed prone to crashing.

After losing all of my progress that last time, I bought an arm band for my phone. My first run with the armband went off without any problems. I’m now a zombie evading machine. While I still don’t enjoy running, making it into a survival game has certainly made me more willing to voluntarily do it. I will say that even on sale 50% off for $3.99, it’s a bit pricey for a workout app. However, distracting me with zombies and a storyline to get me to work out? $3.99 seems like a bargain. They also offer a 5k training app designed by experts that offers 8 weeks of structured training, if you’re into that.

I’m curious though, what keeps you from dying of boredom while running? Or motivated to keep running after barely breaking a sweat? Um, asking for a friend…


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