Gifts for Guys

guys gift guide

Guys are dreadfully difficult to buy gifts for, and you would think it would be easy.

  1. For the Pin-Up Lover: Bunny Yeager’s Darkroom. So much better than the tragedy that is ‘The Girls Next Store’
  2. For the Drinker on the Go: For stylish drinking on the go, the Izola flask. For less stylish drinking on the go, the Floppy Flask. The gift of portable booze is one of those gifts that keep on giving.
  3. For the Outdoorsman: Fireside Gift Set. The perfect gifts for sitting next to an open flame.
  4. For the Smoker: Hand Engraved Zippo Lighters. Yes, smoking is gross, so hopefully, he’s not a cigarette smoker (don’t encourage the habit). This paired with a nice cigar or a bag of weed (medicinal, of course), makes a nice gift.
  5. For the Movie Lover: Tarrantino’s XX 8-film Collection. We don’t know a guy who doesn’t love Tarrantino. Here are his 8 best films plus behind the scenes extras and commentary, which is probably a lot because the man can talk endlessly about pretty much anything.
  6. For the Ultimate Sunny Fan: The Dick Towel. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans know all about The Dick Towel.
  7. For the Distinguished Gentleman: A classic cashmere sweater.
  8. For the Ass Man: The Big Butt Book. Perhaps he’s a proctologist or just an ass enthusiast. Or if he prefers tits, The Big Book of Breasts. Lauren has The Big Book of Breasts as a coffee table book. It always sparks nice conversation.
  9. For the Fancy Man: Cufflinks. Southernliving26’s Etsy store has the most extensive collection of cufflinks for every fancy man on your list.
  10. For the Beer Lover: Beer Making Kit. Sam’s boyfriend keeps a list of witty beer names for all of the beers he wants to make. We’re guessing that you know a guy who does the same thing.
  11. For the One Who Can’t Find His Keys: Plank Shelf. This floating shelf is perfect for ending the frantic search when he can’t remember where he left them. The bottom is magnetized so keys will stay in place. A bonus gift for when he loses your housekey: Middle Finger Key.
  12. For the Bearded Fellow: Burrough’s Beard Oil. Bearded boys love this stuff. It makes his beard smooth, shiny, and conditions the skin underneath. It also doubles as a very manly cologne.
  13. For the Utilitarian: The KeySquare. Even Batman wishes he had one on his utility belt. He can keep keys together while opening his favorite beer.
  14. For the Clean Cut Guy: Whiskey After-Shave.
  15. For the Reader: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Is it just us or is reading on an iPad more difficult? Not because of the glare (well, sometimes) but because there are just so many other apps to draw you away from reading. The Kindle Paperwhite is the best for easily distracted readers.

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