Gifts for Anyone

anyone gift guide

And the gift guides continues… here is a collection of great gifts for anyone.

  1. For the Serious Beer Drinker: Bullet Bottle Opener. It’s cool and would be pretty on a table or bar.
  2. For the Naughty One: Lump of Coal. Again, this would look pretty on a table… or a bar.
  3. For the Caffeine Lover: Monogram Mug. Mug’s hold coffee which is the best thing.
  4. For the Cook: AeroGarden. These are good for those people that have all those ridiculous kitchen tools but you still need to get them a gift. This they will actually use. And it saves you money because you grow your own organic leaves and herbs and things!
  5. For the One with A Twisted Sense of Humor: Cards Against Humanity. We hope this becomes our generation’s party game. It totally shits on charades.
  6. For the Spice Lover: Savory Spice Shop Gift Set. Another gift someone will actually use. It also looks more expensive than it is and comes in gift sets for easy buying.
  7. For the Entertainer: For the classy entertainers, a cheese serving board and cheese knives. For the less classy entertainers, an ice luge mold. Everyone loves a good party. These make great gifts for those who like to throw extravagant soirees whether it be with flutes or solo cups.
  8. For the Forgetful Foodie: Equal But Different Tea Towel. A towel that makes it easy to remember how many cups are in a pint. Or the equivalent tablespoons to ounces breakdown. Really a god send for those of us who are math simple.
  9. For the Tech and TV Lover: Roku Box. This is cool and techy. Also the Google TV. No more watching on your laptop!
  10. For the Married Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glasses.  For the only fun married couple you know (you know it’s only one).
  11. For the One Who Loves to Decorate: Square Dot Rectangular Tray. Trays are the new it item, but it does make the hot mess in your bathroom look thought out. Just don’t ever mention the word ‘tablescape’ to us. Bah.
  12. For the One Who Has Everything: Kiva Cards. Also, for the person who has everything and likes to brag about how much they donate. A gift for the humblebraggers in your life.
  13. For the Recipe Lover: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Best cookbook/blog EVA. Unlike Martha, Deb knows that you have no clue how to do the simple things in a recipe. Also she is so witty it hurts.
  14. For the Hard to Buy For: Wantful. The presentation is to die for and it literally picks out cool shit for you. Honestly we’re bitter we didn’t think of it.
  15. For the Booze Lover: Ole Smokey Moonshine. They can drink it while watching ‘Moonshiners!’ We can’t be the only people that watch that show.

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