Gifts for the Ladies

girls gift guide

For the first installment in our belated holiday season gift guide series, we will be tackling the task of what to get for the ladies in your life, so really it’s everything we want, mkay? Like many other gift guides this one has no stupid candles, promise.

  1. For the Jewelry Lover: Catbird Rings (here and here). Lauren wants her boyfriend to give these to her. She has sent very subtle hints (like sending him emails that says buy me these I want them for christmas), but they are not hers… yet.
  2. For the Spa Lover: Lush Fresh Face Masks. When you get past the hyper enthusiasm the lush employees bombard you with, you will too be a lush addict and pampering never gets old. These masks are made fresh in the store with one for every skin type. If you’re feeling extra generous, a day at the spa is ultimate gift for a spa junkie.
  3. For the Fancy One: Frosted Dot Coupes. Let’s bring the coupe back! Apparently the coupe’s shape was based on Marie Antoinette’s breast, so they also have a tarty history, like the best things. These have polka dots. Pair it with a nice bottle of champagne to share. We likes bubbles.
  4. For the One You Want to Kiss: Fresh Sugar Kisses. This stuff makes lips smooth and soft with a hint of color. Good luck trying to stop making out with her because they also smell like Berry Bears from the 90’s.
  5. For the Fragrance Lover: Jo Malone Cologne Collection. Buying fragrance is hard. A sampler makes it easy. Jo Malone makes some of our favorite fragrances so you can’t go wrong with this under the tree.
  6. For the Frequent Traveler: Jonathan Adler Sparkle Pouch. A bag big enough for the essentials, which makes transferring them between bags a breeze for the unorganized. Also it makes a Valley of the Dolls reference! I mean who doesn’t need a pretty pill to sparkle? That’s nobody people.
  7. For the Product Lover: Glossybox. The gift that gives all year. Each box includes carefully picked beauty samples that are delivered monthly. Forget the imposters, this is the real deal.
  8. For the Lush: Absolutely Fabulous Complete Collection. This series needs no explanation, but  if you insist this gif will suffice. Edina and Patsy are heavy drinking, drug abusing fashion types that are a supremely funny duo.
  9. For the One Who Likes Pretty Things: Jazz Era Jewelry Box. A really  pretty jewelry box serves double duty as a decorative storage item.
  10. For the Make-Up Lover: Make up Forever Gift Set. Make Up Forever is worth the hype as it’s some of the best make-up on the market. This kit has all of the ultimate essentials.
  11. For the Book Lover: Steidl Paper Passion. Sam loves the smell of books, and this fragrance has made her dream of smelling like one come true.
  12. For the Bad Ass: Gordon Holden T-Shirt. The Bitches n Hoes shirt. It’s just so… majestic.
  13. For the Skincare Obsessed: Clarisonic Mia The gift of good skin. It’s one of those weird gifts that’s really nice to get. Not everyone is down to drop that much for an electric toothbrush for your face but when you get it from someone else, it’s just lovely.
  14. For the One That’s Always Cold: J. Crew Cashmere Scarf. Or a more budget friendly version from Uniqlo. Cashmere is always a good gift idea. These will keep her warm in a chilly office, out in the elements, and while traveling.
  15. For the Understated Accessory Lover:  Tiny Armour Jewelry. We both have a ton of these in our Etsy carts. It’s delicate and cool and we would love to wear any of these all day every day.

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