Collage the Pain Away

I sat down after getting back from my hometown on Sunday to write about all of the things I loathe about going back there: family asking you to move back, family asking you when you will get married, family asking you when you will have kids, high school pals telling you how much their life sucks after not moving away/getting married/having kids/getting divorced, etc. It overwhelmed me. I ended up drinking a bottle of wine and watching football to dull all of the rage-y “Why do they think I am less of a person without a husband and kids?!” and “Why can’t they accept that I like living in a ‘big city’?!” emotions I was having. Then I took all of those emotions, bottled them up, and hid them deep down with all of the others as that’s what you do in these situations.

All I’m left with is writer’s block. And for some reason, the desire to listen to this song on repeat. So, I made a collage to cheer me up.

Edit: Fuck. I didn’t realize they splashed such a gaudy watermark across the center. It stays only because I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing this same thing the harder more time consuming way.


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