How Perks of Being a Wallflower Changed My Life and My New F’ing Haircut

You know those movies you see and they immediately become a part of you and your identity. Where the whole movie makes you say “I’ve felt like that and done that before” and “that happened to me too!” Almost like making fast friends with someone the way you do only with maybe 4 people in your life. It’s hard to meet people that totally get you. Same with movies. Perks of Being a Wallflower was so one of those for me. I remember reading the book in middle school and feeling the same way, but this post is movie specific.

The music, for one, is to die. I firmly believe I was born in the wrong era and hopelessly listen to all things dated before 1994 and not much else. Perks takes place in a suburb but the people are way cooler than anyone I knew in high school. I mean I dyed my hair dark brown at 17 and I was ‘edgy’ for my town.  But overall it has that general feeling that is so hard to have after sophomore year of college. Of youthful hope and excitement for the future. Just driving around in your car on the way to a party but feeling so much excitement about what could happen and who you could see. I remember feeling so free and so alive when I was younger, and I feel like this movie made me long for that. And maybe remember what it feels like for a second again.

Also Emma Watson’s hair, makeup and clothes were amazing. She is so effortlessly cool it’s painful. She gave me the decision making confidence to cut my more than 5 years in the making past boob length hair. And it feels so good and dare I say it….almost carefree.

Also, did the new f’ing haircut title reference date me? I feel it did and for that I am sad.


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