On Our Locks

With all the craziness that is Sandy the aftermath, I feel what I and my fellow New Yorkers need is a little bit of fluff. This disclaimer will also serve as a excuse blanket over for my poorly thought out post. What my excuse will be later, I am not sure.

When visiting my much more stylish mother two weeks ago I got a chance to use her newest hair product purchase. The Milk Shake conditioning whipped cream. First off, I need to talk about the smell. I hate sweet smelling products, candles, body lotion, perfume, whatever. The small of vanilla frosting or sweet fake candy makes me feel ill. In fact my old college roommate and I got into a bitter argument about a vanilla cupcake scented bath and body works candle she used to burn. It made our entire house smell like cheap maple syrup that they used to serve during 2nd grade breakfast for lunch day. You know the kind of gross pancakes you used to eat off a styrofoam tray.

I regress. The Milk Shake hair stuff smells like a cadbury cream egg and I LOVE it. My hair smells like sparkles and sweet and the stuff makes me want to squirt it straight in my mouth like fat Betty.

Also in the winter I am very lazy about my hair. I wash it at night and then let it air dry. This stuff works on damp hair the night before or on dry hair the next morning. It is very alike the Moroccan Oil serum I usually use to control my frizzy, wavy hair but unlike Moroccan Oil it adds volume and a bounce while controlling the frizz. And it’s cheap.

Oh and it smells like a cadbury cream egg. Did I say that enough?


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