And It Begins.

We finally did it. After many, many conversations, Gchats, e-mails, FaceTimes, and phone calls, we did it. We finally started our blog. It took us years to get here but better late than never.

We want to be relatable, not unattainable. We feel that on so many of these sites, the lifestyle they are displaying is unrealistic. And we get their popularity, because who doesn’t like to fantasize living in a world where it seems like you wake up when you feel like it with sunbeams rolling into your plush, well-decorated bedroom. Where you just throw on something effortlessly chic, splash your face with water, and roll out the door to some cute, little cafe for breakfast. You have this simple life filled with quaint bookstores, trendy bistros, and the leisure to peruse antique stores for some furniture that needs a little TLC.

Yeah, right.

Of course in this fantasy world you have a supportive boyfriend or husband who always gladly goes with you on weekend trips to the outdoor market. In this fantasy world no one has to clean or pick up dry-cleaning. When you DIY there are no disasters. No one has zits, needs to go to the gym, gets hangovers, or has drunken one night stands.

Maybe our assessment is a little harsh, but so many of these sites portray themselves like that (to an extent). The content that they are putting out is so well manicured and curated. It’s almost too perfect. You can only roll your eyes so many times before they start to twitch. While it would be nice to float through life on a cloud without a worry in the world, it sounds dull (and delusional).

That is where we come in– with some honesty. We are stumbling through life. Not much, if anything, about our lives is charming or glamorous. We hope that is what sets us apart from the others. We’re confident you’ll enjoy our warped sense of humor and sarcasm. Shit, we’re mostly writing about beauty products and other such fluff topics. It’s not like we’re setting out to change lives here.


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